Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When love and hate collide

 Very significant incidents and developments in the cause of life and family have happened the past couple of weeks in different parts of the world. They continue to happen, and since I have little time to spend on writing about them, let me instead share links to articles you will want to check out. Specifically, these will give you the lowdown on the goings-on in Ireland, Chile and the United States. Bravery, hate, faith, fortitude, evil... you'll see demonstrations of these as you learn more about the things that went on.

Ireland lower house passes permissive abortion law, 127-31

Texas Senate passes bill to ban late-term abortion despite abortion mob 

Texas police confiscate jars of feces, urine from pro-abortion activists

Lila Rose named one of the most influential women under 35 in Washington

Raped 11-year-old girl from Chile courageously rejects abortion

Radicals push for forced abortion of pregnant 11-year-old Chilean rape victim

* Photo of the All-Ireland Rally for Life 2013 (July 6) by Paul Keeling. More photos at the Youth Defence Facebook page


ignored_genius said...

it's a crazy world. Iba iba ihip ng hangin sa iba't ibang panig ng mundo. let's continue our fight.

Ganda ng title, Def Leppard. :)

sunnyday said...

I knew it was a line from a song; title ba ng Def Leppard song yon? :-)

Crazy world talaga! Let's do our part to make it less crazy!

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