Sunday, May 28, 2017

My favorite chocolate ambassador featured in a superb story that has nothing to do with chocolate

Engaging. Well-researched. Candid. Written in the first person sans the all-about-me tendency. 

That's what I think of GQ Magazine's cover story on Swiss tennis player Roger Federer for its annual Style Bible issue for 2017, written by Rosecrans Baldwin. Reading it truly awakened in me the desire to write again. That, and reinforced my admiration for the often-referred-to-as-The-Greatest-Tennis-Player-of-All-Time and chocolate ambassador of sorts. 

Photo by Craig McDean

Dipping my fingers in dirt

Well, hello! This is the longest I've been away from blogging and actually typing something to be published in a while is giving me some sense of accomplishment already. That's not to say that I've been idle and watching the grass grow all this time -- though the latter sounds like somewhere in the vicinity of my latest preoccupation. More than watching grass grow, I have been finding joy in taking care of succulents. Container gardening is something I have come to appreciate, with cacti and other succulents being my focus.

I thought I'd share two videos from gardening enthusiasts who know their business. One is from Laura of Garden Answer which shows her making a fairy garden, while the other provides some wonderful ideas for mini-cactus gardens courtesy of Christine Kobzeff. I stumbled onto Garden Answer about a year ago in one of my link-hopping sessions on YouTube and simply loved Laura's way of explaining how to go about creating floral arrangements, some of which include succulents. The videos -- particularly the "speedy" versions -- are fun to watch! As for Christine Kobzeff, I think I came across her cactus how-to's when I was trying to learn more about succulent care, and her simple and minimalist dish gardens made me want to try them myself (I haven't yet).

So here they are:

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