Friday, May 29, 2015

Pondering "I do," "I want," "I believe," and other phrases we take for granted

Here's something that struck me today:

Why are Christians working so hard to defend traditional marriage?
The answer comes from what marriage is about. Marriage is not about special rights one receives from the government in order to have a better life. Marriage is an institution by which humans learn to conform to their gender role in love in order to serve God, their spouse, and their children—then their community, etc. The issue of gay marriage is that people want to force marriage to be something it never was: a relationship about my feelings, wants, desires, and passions. The redefinition of marriage necessitates a fundamental paradigm shift. In essence, the new marriage definition removes God as necessary, conforms the spouse and children to serve the person's idea of his/her own sexual role, and demands the community support the person's idea of his/her own sexual role. Traditional marriage teaches innately sacrificial love, but new marriage demands selfishness. Which one is better for society?

- from the Facebook page  We Defend Marriage -- and We're Gay 

There have also been several incidents in the US involving weddings, cakes, and bakers, but I can't say that I've read each of the stories entirely -- in fact, I've only relied on comments I've come across on social media (from different sides of the issues) to form an idea of what may have transpired. So I'm unable to provide any accurate details about those happenings (I'll share some of them in another post the first chance I get). However, here below is something I can definitely say shows the principle guiding the conviction of many -- particularly those who strive to remain faithful to the teachings of the living God, when they choose to recognize only marriages between persons of the opposite sex.

Don't you think this makes the issue a tad clearer? I do.

Friday, May 01, 2015

"The Fight of the Century"

May 2, 2015: the day Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather face each other in the ring for a much anticipated match.

Perfect diversion, too, from the scorching summer heat we're experiencing in the Philippines.

Go, Pacman!! 

And if you don't exactly pay attention to boxing, here's something I found quite interesting (and helpful) -- A Non-Boxing Fan's Guide to Mayweather-Pacquiao

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