Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hot off the press next week!

Got 10 minutes. Haven't posted in a while. Latest issue coming out next week. No question about it. Posting a picture of the cover and a copy of the press release about what's inside. ** After seeing the photo on this post, I must say that it doesn't do justice to the real cover. The colors are much "yummier," the whole picture more "alive." But anyway, very little compares to seeing a baby in all his gleeful spirits, colors notwithstanding:

Keeping children well-grounded, choosing a good school and curbing kids’ “must-have” mindset are among the topics covered in Baby magazine’s November issue, which focuses on the rudiments of long-term planning for one’s children. Other articles include a Dad’s guide to choosing a family car, essential life lessons that every child needs to learn, and the difference between proactive and reactive parenting.

Other topics covered in this latest issue are understanding infants’ sleeping patterns, getting toddlers to eat, putting more fun into bath time, the basics of teaching kids to speak a foreign language, and investing the family’s “extra” money wisely.

In the pregnancy and post-partum pages, read about safety tips when traveling while pregnant and nutrition facts to keep you in tiptop condition till your baby arrives, as well as things you should know about your first post-delivery OB appointment.

Regular columns in this monthly magazine are “Baby’s Doctor” by Dr. Lourraine Co, “Childbirth 101” by certified childbirth instructor Rome Kanapi, “Feminine Lines” by OB-Gyne Dr. Rebecca Singson, “Pediatric Dentist” by Dr. Fina Lopez, “Family Finance” by Antonette Reyes and “Fatherspeak” by Manny Escasa.

Baby magazine, a publication of Marathon Publishing Co., is available nationwide at National Bookstore, SM Department Store baby section, Baby & Co., Babyland, Power Books, Bufini and selected Mag:net Plus and Mio Magazines outlets. For subscription and other inquiries, pls. call 728-3655/56.

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