Monday, August 27, 2012

Tutorials by the purple people

More words would be superfluous.

Mga ligtas na paraan ng pagpapalaglag
= "Safe ways to abort your unborn child"

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The big picture at a glance (with a dinosaur doing a cameo)

All this talk lately about the "reproductive health" bill or RH bill has been keeping more and more people occupied on separating truth from falsehood. And one thing I'm grateful for is that more of the facts have been brought out, and more sound views have been circulating on the internet.

Not everyone, though, has much time (or the inclination) to read and make heads or tails of numerous scientific findings, analytical write-ups or opinion pieces. But that's no reason to keep oneself from being informed. Here, some graphics that show the big picture and help one realize just what's been going on. Make sure you really ponder on that last question down there.

Then, to really get people out of the dark, I'm putting a link to an article that's quite revealing about the people who are deeply involved in the RH agenda, and what you should know about them. This has been making the rounds of Facebook, but then social networking sites are not top priority for everyone. So if you missed this, no biggie. Here it is.

The Road to Legalized Abortion

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I'll bet some of these ideas have never occurred to you

Here's a topic that has never been boring, judging from the raised eyebrows, animated discussions, and thought-provoking viewpoints it often elicits -- especially nowadays. For now, I'm leaving the people in these videos to explore the subject. The first shows a 21-year-old lady who presents ideas that I'd say are wonderfully counter-cultural given the kind of environment Western nations have become.

The second is just as counter-cultural and she expresses her ideas as part of a women's panel during a discussion on one of the most contentious issues in America today.

And the third, well... just watch it.

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