Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dipping my fingers in dirt

Well, hello! This is the longest I've been away from blogging and actually typing something to be published in a while is giving me some sense of accomplishment already. That's not to say that I've been idle and watching the grass grow all this time -- though the latter sounds like somewhere in the vicinity of my latest preoccupation. More than watching grass grow, I have been finding joy in taking care of succulents. Container gardening is something I have come to appreciate, with cacti and other succulents being my focus.

I thought I'd share two videos from gardening enthusiasts who know their business. One is from Laura of Garden Answer which shows her making a fairy garden, while the other provides some wonderful ideas for mini-cactus gardens courtesy of Christine Kobzeff. I stumbled onto Garden Answer about a year ago in one of my link-hopping sessions on YouTube and simply loved Laura's way of explaining how to go about creating floral arrangements, some of which include succulents. The videos -- particularly the "speedy" versions -- are fun to watch! As for Christine Kobzeff, I think I came across her cactus how-to's when I was trying to learn more about succulent care, and her simple and minimalist dish gardens made me want to try them myself (I haven't yet).

So here they are:

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