Monday, July 29, 2013

Let him slay the dragon

I started this post days ago, but for some reason, the link to the video I originally placed on the draft is gone. It was a video of speaker Jason Evert talking with a small group of students -- the same one in the video below -- about the natural tendency of men wanting to be the ones to "slay the dragon," so to speak, and the merits of women allowing the men to do this (hence, the title up there). The video eludes me now so I'm sharing another one below.

I wonder what the gentlemen can say about this. As a woman, I'll have to say that I find a lot of the things Jason Evert said reassuring -- and funny, but true. They've also made me realize that maybe we've set the bar for men too low in recent decades.

What has the sexual revolution accomplished for humanity? Some say it was a liberation of sorts for women, that by enabling women to have more control over their fate (in terms of the outcome of sexual encounters), women supposedly achieved greater freedom. Well, is freedom supposed to come with less happiness, less respectability, lower self-esteem and more diseases, and more psychological problems? Because the way I see it, with the discovery of the Pill (and its supposed liberation for women) came more women who are constantly looking for affirmation, and who seem to either draw out more ungentlemanly behavior in men or who enjoy ridiculing men and their "cluelessness" about many things. Also, was the spread of sexually transmitted diseases -- and to such proportions as it is currently in -- a by-product of the sexual revolution, foreseen by its most enthusiastic advocates?

Well, fortunately, there is always hope as long as there is life. A lot has changed since the 1960s when it comes to norms on relations between men and women. Even though we have little control over the path that society takes, the choices we as individuals make are completely up to us and this, in turn, can influence the people around us.

So, are you going to slay the dragon?

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