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The circumstances and conditions are totally different, but I thought I'd share two things I stumbled on at Facebook in this single post. The first is unfortunate, and I truly hope the problem is addressed soon to let the 18-year-old proceed to Rio for the World Youth Day festivities.

The second is simply a photo, with the act punctuated by a relevant quote worth remembering. Wish I could find the story behind the picture.

KLM's denial of Filipino WYD delegate's flight hit

MANILA, Philippines—An 18-year-old indigenous Filipino woman who was en route to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for World Youth Day was denied boarding on her onward flight on July 20 at the Kuala Lumpur airport, because personnel of KLM Airlines said she appeared “not ready to travel” even if she had a folder with full documentation supporting her trip to Brazil.

The incident involving Arjean Marie Belco of Bukidnon’s Talaandig tribe was posted on the social networking site Facebook in a letter of complaint from Goodxorg, the sponsor of her Brazil trip.

According to the Facebook post, Belco went through immigration in Malaysia without incident but was not allowed to board her connecting flight to Rio de Janeiro by a KLM employee identified as Mr. Shawa who said that Belco appeared “not ready to travel” and “that he was doubtful” about her trip, “even if she had a folder full of documentation.”

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UPDATE/July 23: Based on a GMA News reported July 23, the Filipino WYD delegate is on her way to Brazil.


Although GoodXorg has not provided any details as to how Belco’s ordeal with the airline was resolved, the foundation said in its post on Tuesday that Petzhold immediately flew to Malaysia from Manila upon hearing of the teenager’s plight. The filmmaker reportedly talked to KLM officials and visited an attaché at the Embassy of the Philippines in Malaysia in hopes of finding a way to enable Belco to board a flight to Brazil immediately.

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