Monday, July 29, 2013

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life....

Is there anyone who aims to be miserable? Do you know anyone who does not long for a life of happiness?

Something in the video below struck me -- it's the part where the narrator pointed out that people, when they experience feelings of insecurity, tend to focus more on material things (which may translate to making unintended purchases). Still, whenever I'm out in the mall and I pass all those stores with such attractive window displays and inviting merchandise, I strive to keep in mind what a philosopher (was it Socrates?) supposedly said the following to himself whenever coming upon some goods: Here are more things that I don't need.

The first video illustrates some really thought-provoking ideas and findings about life, happiness, and our search for the latter as we got about the former. With materialism hovering over us and often taking over our priorities and choices, the result is sometimes a false sense of happiness. And unwittingly we pass on this imbalance in priorities to our children or to other young ones who look up to us, and what do we get? It's in the second video.

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