Friday, June 07, 2013

Despicable me? Wonderful us!

Well, here's one way to spread your angst if you're angry at the world and want to pull everyone else on a downward spiral with you. Do what you can to warp young minds with self-focused ideas in the hopes of ingraining in them a "me, me and totally me-first" mindset. In other words, have them believe that the world owes them, that the world revolves around them, that everything unfortunate that happens to them is other people's fault, and that life is about them, their wants and needs -- which is what this woman seems to believe based on the keynote address she gave to an audience of teens.

An excerpt from the article:

In her disjointed keynote address, she set out to illustrate how “reproductive justice” must be couched in terms of human rights. She said that the LGBTQ movement is a civil rights movement, while adding that the fight for marriage by lesbians and gays is one she questions, because “I’m not quite sure why we are fighting for the right to be equally miserable. Seems like a crazy demand to me.” She continued, “It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, trust me. But, you know, you’ve got a right to be as messed up as the rest of us.”

Taking the use of base vernacular to a new level while addressing teens, she let the teens know in no uncertain terms that she is a pissed off black woman, a pissed off feminist, she was a pissed off teen, and she is still so pissed off about what happened to her when she was 15 that she will fight the rest of her life to rectify it. In fact, she is pissed off “to the heights of pissivity,” she said. And if you are not pissed off, you are not paying attention, she told the youth.

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Fortunately, most women are not out to infect their surroundings with ideas that would throw the world into chaos. And while some members of the fairer sex do have reason to treat men as enemies -- owing probably to traumatic experiences that are yet to be processed -- and tend to be noisy about this adversarial regard of men, the rest live in harmony with them, or at least with the quiet assurance that the sexes are meant to complement one another.

Never mind that men and women are sometimes pitted against each other. Anyway, how we go about relating with one another is up to us. The following may help; it's an excerpt from a booklet (Scepter Publishers, 1991) by the late Dr. Jutta Burggraf  which I acquired years ago:

 Whether man or woman, if we are honest, we feel not only advantages but also certain shortcomings within ourselves. Men may pride themselves in generally thinking more matter-of-factly and judging more objectively than women. But how often does mere reason misguide them towards heartlessness and rigidity! And women might well enjoy being guided by feelings and intuition, but very often relying on these alone leads women into confusion and injustice. Male and female nature both need a strong touch of the other sex's characteristics to enhance harmony and balance within a single human person.

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