Friday, June 14, 2013

A word on words

Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Spanish -- his native language -- for the first time yesterday since February26 and "it feels good!" he said. In the homily he delivered in his native tongue, he delved on keeping our tongues in check. An excerpt from a news report about it:

Pope Francis continued: “There is no need to go to a psychologist to know that when we denigrates another person it is because we are unable to grow up and need to belittle others, to feel more important." This, he said, is "an ugly mechanism". Jesus, "with all the simplicity says: "Do not speak ill of one another. Do not denigrate one another. Do not belittle one another”. The Pope noted, "in the end we are all travelling on the same road", "we are all travelling on that road that will take us to the very end." Therefore "if we do not choose a fraternal path, it will end badly, for the person who insults and the insulted". The Pope noted that "if we are not able to keep our tongues in check, we lose”.

Read Pope at Mass: The grace not to speak ill of others

Watch a video report

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