Sunday, June 09, 2013

Are you ready to walk your talk, just like she has?

Diana Jimenez
"Courage is the fruit of conviction," said the university president in the article. Diana Jimenez, a senior nursing student, certainly demonstrated that, and is being treated unjustly by people in authority who apparently refuse to recognize her freedom to inform others about the truth.

Diana reminds me of the nurses practicing in the United States who stick to their life-affirming convictions amid serious difficulties to be faithful to their principles. But Diana is still a student, and this early she is meeting opposition and threats for being true to the vocation of health professionals. She needs our support.

An excerpt from the article:

Associate Dean Hooper followed up Diana’s second infraction with a letter threatening that if showed her signs a third time the consequences for “rebelling against authority” would be she couldn’t participate in commencement and would be banned from campus.

Meanwhile, Nurse Ratcheds exist in more than movies. Diana’s dean of nursing decided to take matters into her own hands and mete her own consequence. On May 22, Dr. Susan Elliott wrote a letter to all nursing faculty barring them from writing a letter of employment reference for Diana.

The rest of the story is here:

Christian university retaliates against pro-life student for showing graphic reality of abortion

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