Sunday, June 09, 2013

Another hodgepodge post

Lifesaver, maternity, anonymous send-off, Francis.

That's just about all I'm providing to clue you in on the items you'll find below -- aside from excerpts from each, and a lovely photo.

"My mom taught me if someone needed help not to just stand there and not do anything, but to make an effort and try," he said.

Chicago Middle Schooler saves two lives in one week

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Capturing mothers with their children around the world, I thought that the photos were beautiful, inspiring and definitely worth a share.

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He was struck by how humbling it was to be present at that man’s burial even though he never knew him in life. “I believe fully that we’ll run into these people again someday in heaven.” 
Swint said taking part in the one of the Corporal Works of Mercy of burying the dead is “very important work,” especially for those who are unidentified. 
“The program exists to take care of these poor because in God’s eyes, we’re all the same,” he said.

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Pope Francis went on to observe, "If you break a computer it is a tragedy, but poverty, the dramas, the needs of so many people end up becoming the norm... If in so many parts of the world there are children who have nothing to eat, that's not news either. It becomes the norm. But if the stock market drops 10 points it is a tragedy."


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