Monday, November 28, 2005

Getting the thumbs-up out there

Does "with great power comes great responsibility" sound familiar to you? If not, well, don't worry -- it doesn't matter. I just thought of integrating Peter Parker into this post as a way to introduce the following review excerpt, which delves on how discerning media consumers can get past the private praises and lamentations. Whether it's a brilliant TV series or an insultingly trashy film, proper feedback can give you more control over the trends in what are shown on the silver screen. In other words, we can get better TV shows and movies!

Dean Batali, executive producer of That '70s Show, can tell you how to impact television programming - watch more TV. Batali urges readers to find and watch the good stuff on TV and voice their opinion. In praise, that is. Rather than simply criticizing shows (telling a producer you'll never watch their show again tells them that your opinion is now irrelevant to them), Christians should write letters praising aspects of a show that they liked (what's that saying about honey and vinegar?).

The same works for movies, according to Donovan Jacobs. A development executive and script consultant, Jacobs has worked with a wide variety of movie executives and declares that Christians need to make it clear to them that there is a longing for meaningful entertainment. They can do so by praising movies like Spider-Man (and its fantastic theme "With great power comes great responsibility") with as much passion as many Christians exhibit denouncing Harry Potter (for allegedly promoting occultism).

Please read the full article at and get informed!

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