Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First, the basics. Then, on to jeans, layering and a girl named Ella.

Though modesty is a virtue that goes beyond the way a person comes across or the clothes he/she wears, it can be mistaken as concerning only externals. So, what's it all about? Here's something that'll tell you. Reading it would be a wise move (the better to appreciate the succeeding reads, and that other one I posted a few days ago).

The Beauty of Modesty for Men and Women
by Donald DeMarco

The modest person does not draw undue attention to himself. He is self-assured, but not self-absorbed. He is temperate in dress, language, and comportment and has a strong sense of the value of his privacy. He knows that being a person is fundamentally incompatible with being an object for public consumption. Modesty is, as it were, his body's conscience.

He is not interested in displaying his talents and attainments for people to admire. He even shuns making himself the subject of conversation. He is more eager to know what he needs to know than to parade what he already knows. He has a healthy sense of himself as he is and is less concerned about how others view him. His enthusiasms center around what is real. Therefore he has little patience with flattery and adulation. Nor is he inclined to exaggerate or boast. The modest person is aware of his limitations and retains the capacity to blush.

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Here's what resourceful shoppers have been doing when they're not satisfied with what they find on department store racks --

Tired of low-rise and low-cut? Modesty can be chic.

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