Tuesday, November 01, 2005

When their lips were sealed

Stories have started coming in about what happened during the Student's Day of Silent Solidarity, in which some 1,200 campuses in and outside the United States participated. You can read all about it (and see some photos) at the event website but here are snippets from a student named S.J. :

A white paper sign I taped to my black shirt read, "I AM SILENT TODAY IN MEMORY OF THE UNBORN BABIES WHO LOST THEIR LIVES BEFORE THEY EVER HAD A VOICE. My mother chose life, and now I'm here. Please pray for others who must make the choice.
Here are some reactions people had when they found out what I was doing:

"I don't believe in picketing abortion clinics, but that silence thing is a good idea. It's like a fast."


"Are you the only one doing it, or are there more?"

*understanding smile and nod*

"Aww... and now I forgot what you ordered 'cause I was reading your shirt..."
(lunch lady)

More stories here

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