Thursday, October 08, 2009


This is probably as honest as one can get when it comes to the sentiments of any woman at the moment she finds out that she's pregnant -- especially when pregnancy was the farthest thing from her mind. Come to think of it, the more oft-used "Pregnant? Need help?" is just as genuine, but a touch of humor can elicit a smile. And who wouldn't want that?

I clicked on Generations for Life's blogroll and got a site that was under construction. But the group's old website was accessible, and this led me to Project LIFEBOARD, which is another way for the group to call a pro-life billboard. What a delight to know that some people are making it possible to have such life-affirming displays put up in various states in the US!

I sure hope one day we'll see a giant billboard somewhere on Edsa with a message like "Chastity rocks -- it does a body and soul good." I think something like this would be welcome (or at least it's needed, even if some people are bound to scoff at the message) since it proclaims what each person knows deep inside.


petrufied said...

hihi ang cute ng baby! "Whaaaat?"

a billboard saying "chastity rocks" is really be out of the ordinary, so many people will notice! i can imagine the scoffing, but i can also imagine many people appreciating what it stands for ;)

petrufied said...

*oops, i edited it and forgot i left out the "be." the grammar police won't let me go so let me correct that: "a billboard saying 'chastity rocks' is really out of the ordinary..."


sunnyday said...

Hehe, may grammar police din :-D

Yup, I can almost imagine the baby's tiny but spunky voice when he/she says "Whaaat? You weren't expecting meee?" Really cute! As for the billboard, maybe if it's associated with the concept of pure love, more fellas will appreciate the message.

Is there another word for chastity? "Chastity" sounds a bit... hmm, outdated kasi. Just the word, not the concept.

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