Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's all about ME

Always, there's lots of food for thought over at Feminine Genius. Here's a serving:

Any culture that successfully peddles magazines called Allure, Self, Glamour, Ms, O, and Lucky doesn't seem to have any esteem problems. Add to that all the self-help columns, sex advice, and beauty items (cashing in $billion$ monthly) and we seem to detect a society that is already all about "happy!"

Perhaps a better message would be to indicate that those who've been blinded by "It's all about me!" life-styles are chasing waterfalls and not terribly happy in the end. There's something to be said for authentic love which places God and others in the queue ahead of facials and retail therapy. And oddly enough, when God is first, sometimes He indulges us in unforseen ways.

Read her take on an interview with US First Lady Michelle Obama for Prevention here

* Girl at the Mirror (1954) by Norman Rockwell

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