Monday, April 20, 2009

Re-post: eye candy for a long day

If you contend with heavy issues on a daily basis, you probably know how it is to reach the point wherein the burden seems to weigh you down. You don't have to be a humanitarian aid worker in Sudan or a war correspondent in Baghdad to experience this kind of burnout.

Sometimes all it takes is "coming up for some air" before plunging into the deep again, or taking time to smell the flowers that have been there all along. Or looking at images like these:

This pooch illustrates just how I've been feeling the past week.

For more eye candy, go to this post from 2006.


tedi31 said...

Being the dog right now is an awesome idea! Hehehe... BTW, have you tried opening a Twitter account? You can attach it to your site :)

petrufied said...

i feel the same way! except it should be a cat.... XD

sunnyday said...

A cat? Ahem... (yuck, hehe)

Tedi, being that dog right now sure is appealing! As for Twitter, nope. As you know by now, I'm a bit resistant to those online thingies. Um, maybe someday I shall get into it hehe :-)

Manny said...

Awww... That little pooch is so cute! Makes you want to care for and cuddle it.

What more the poor little unborn babies that are being exterminated by abortifacient contraceptives!

Keep Baby Magazine going. Can I get a Cebu subscription?

sunnyday said...

Hi Manny! Glad you find the puppy charming too! Charming as it is, of course it's below baby humans in the hierarchy of creatures in terms of dignity and importance :-)

Keep reading Baby magazine! For now we're still working out making subscriptions available to those outside Metro Manila. Sana nga ma-work out na eh. Is your place near SM Cebu? The mag is sold there -- go to the baby (infant) section :-)

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