Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Not your ordinary week

It's got nothing to do with the spirit of Lent, but one thing I appreciate about these days of the Holy Week is that Manila is less congested. Yesterday it took me half the time it normally takes to my destination; I even wanted to drive more just to take advantage of the smooth flow of traffic.

More people in Manila are expected to troop to the provinces today. Parishes, too, are busy preparing for the services to be held today till Easter. Here's a passage from In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez (Vol. 2 -- Lent and Eastertide):

Sin, infidelity to a greater or lesser degree, always involves a denial of the highest ideals that Christ has sown inside us. Sin is the great downfall of man. This is why we need to struggle with determination, counting on grace, so that we avoid all grave sins, whether of malice, weakness or culpable ignorance, and then all deliberate venial sin.

But even from our sins, when we are unfortunate enough to commit them, we have to draw advantage, because contrition strengthens the bonds of our friendship with Our Lord.

Heaven is full of great sinners who decided to repent. Jesus always welcomes us and rejoices to see us set out again upon the road we had abandoned, perhaps in small matters.

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