Friday, April 10, 2009

Not just any execution

What happened at Calvary -- the crucifixion of Jesus Christ -- was indeed the most significant execution in history.

Christ is crucified: our Redemption is accomplished.

Crucifixion was the most cruel and insulting form of execution which was known in ancient times. A Roman citizen could not be crucified. Death followed after a prolonged agony. At times, the executioners hastened the end of the Crucifixion by breaking the legs of the crucified. From apostolic times till today, there have been many who cannot accept a God made man who died on a piece of timber to save us: the drama of the cross continues to be a
scandal for the Jews and folly to the gentiles. There has always been, and there still is today, a temptation to detract from the value of the Cross.

The intimate union of each Christian with his Lord requires a full knowledge of his life, this chapter of the Cross included. Here the Redemption is accomplished; here one finds the key to suffering in the world; here were learn a little about the malice of sin and the love of God for each man. We do not remain indifferent in front of a crucifix.

By now they have fastened Jesus to the wooden cross. The executioners have ruthlessly carried out the sentence. Our Lord, with infinite meekness, has let them have their way.
It was not necessary for him to undergo so much torment. He could have avoided those trials, those humiliations, that ill-usage, that iniquitous judgement, and the shame of the gallows, and the nails and the lance...But he wanted to suffer all this for you and for me. And we, are we not going to respond?

In Conversation with God
Vol. 2 (Lent and Eastertide)

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