Monday, April 27, 2009

A bright photo....

...for a rainy day --

It's supposed to be the height of summer but the changing climate has become obvious the past couple of weeks. Imagine, a thunderstorm in April! One night had rain coming down in sheets and lightning and nerve-wracking thunder sending my dog Sabrina whimpering and scampering for protection under the car, behind some old boxes and who knows where else until the following morning when -- after repeated rounds of the yard, garage, and every other spot outside the house -- I saw her emerge from amid ferns and bushes behind a small image of the Virgin Mary near the front door. Even the dog knows where to take refuge during "tempestuous times."

By the way, the photo above is from the charming craft and sewing blog Hello My Name is Heather.

And check it out -- a magazine bowl!

Came across this after some blog-hopping when I ended up at Patricia Zapata's blog entry on how to fashion this bowl. This is the kind of art and recycling I'd like to try my hand at -- especially as I've got tons of magazines that I really don't want to trash. But when they're taking up too much of your limited space, what do you do with them? I've made two little "log cabins" out of some pages -- photos of which I'd yet to take -- but those account for only about 40 or 50 mag pages. Looks like these bowls will be my next project :-) See more of Patricia Zapata's imaginative recycled art here.


petrufied said...

Hehe! Sabrina is a wise doggie :)

That bowl looks fun to make! We should make some for Baby hahahahah

sunnyday said...

"Wise doggie" indeed! Hehe

I have a feeling it'll come out much nicer and proportioned if you do it. Maybe mine will turn out like "abstract" art haha!

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