Saturday, May 05, 2007

'Intimidation' huh?

Bottom line is, when one sees the tiny person who's slowly growing inside the belly of the expectant mother (like this 3-month-old fetus in the photo), it's difficult to think of him/her as merely a blob of tissue. And abortion providers and advocates and don't like that.
Women need all the facts before making an abortion. A Georgia bill will simply give the woman the opportunity and option to view the fetal image and the fetal heartbeat at the conclusion of an ultrasound. It’s likely that when these young women see fingers, toes, and a beating heart, they better understand the life within them. The bottom line of money and politics seem to be driving the abortion industry--two poor ethics at best. But why does everyone need to try out a new car before they own it? It’s good to see what you will get before you purchase. And certainly buying a new home mandates a ‘looksee’, or maybe several, before you become the owner. What is it about a new baby that pro-abortionists don’t want you to see? It’s very interesting when one realizes that the doctor and/or nurses usually view the ultrasound of the baby while performing the abortion. But it’s against rules to let the mother see it.

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** This reminded me of a previous entry I posted here about the deception that really goes on in abortion clinics, according to those who have been part of the abortion industry. Read "When it's big money they want, they'll say anything"

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