Sunday, May 06, 2007

Exec. saves man's life

This is on today's issue of the Phil. Daily Inquirer, and after reading it I had wondered why editors decided to print it now as the event took place late last year. Skimming it revealed that the older Mr. Silva marked his 75th birthday recently. Hence, if not for Mr. Lafferty's efforts, Mr. Silva may not have lived to celebrate such an occasion -- and certainly would not have had any need to add another person to his guest list (Mr. Lafferty, of course).

The younger Silva recalls to the Inquirer that he and his father, Romeo, were lining up at the Nagoya airport for a layover from a long 12-hour flight from Detroit, Michigan, when his 74-year-old father suddenly slumped to the ground.

In his panic, all that he could blurt out was “Tatay, Tatay, lumaban ka (Father, father, fight).” He could not even bear to touch his father for fear of making his condition worse.

Lafferty, on the other hand, who was traveling with his wife and two youngest children, was about 10 persons behind the Silvas when he heard the shout, and saw the elder Silva fall to the ground.

His instinct to help kicked in and he rushed to Silva’s side. He felt for a pulse, realizing that there was none, he ripped his shirt open and immediately gave CPR to try and restart his heart.

It had been a while since Lafferty last gave CPR, which was why he was running through the steps in his mind while compressing hard on Silva’s heart to make sure he was doing it right.

Full story at the Phil. Daily Inquirer

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