Saturday, June 17, 2006

Something old, something new...

I've noticed that more pictures and features of brides, bridal gowns and everything to do with weddings, have been finding their way onto newspaper pages recently. Then I remembered a while ago -- it's June. Hence, the "June bride" theme.

The concept of the June bride is basically a western one, though it is much adopted even in the Philippines. I assumed that American and European brides like the idea of tying the knot upon the entry of summer. In my country, June is the start of the typhoon season, which is far from the ideal weather for such an important occasion. December to February, on the other hand, have been the peak months for business, according to wedding coordinators and suppliers.

But come to think of it, no matter what season one's wedding ceremony is held on, what follows will always be the same thing: married life. And that's what brides and grooms are supposedly preparing for. Ask Mr. and Mrs. Wittke, who had their wedding 70 years ago.

In wedding season, a seasoned union
Seventy years ago this week, a young bride in a peau de soie gown walked down the long aisle of a church in St. Paul, Minn., and exchanged vows with the groom she first met when she was 16. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their 80 guests gathered at her parents' house for a simple reception of ice cream, cake, and candies.

"That was it," recalls the long-ago bride, Jean Wittke. "Nobody had sit-down dinners then."

But last Saturday Mrs. Wittke and her husband, Lloyd, did have a sit-down dinner to celebrate another joyous occasion - their 70th wedding anniversary. Surrounded by 30 friends and family members, including their two daughters, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, they basked in the glow of richly deserved tributes.

Full story at The Christian Science Monitor

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