Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where woman and child are cared for

Till recently, the only things I associated with Ireland were U2, St. Patrick, the four-leaf clover (I'm not sure why), and The Corrs. Starting around four or five years ago, however, my regard for that nation has changed. Why? Because I learned about the importance that the Irish place on family and children -- so much that it's the only other country I know besides the Philippines in which the people see abortion for what it truly is -- murder -- and thereby persistently defend the right of every human being, including babies still in the womb, to live. They care about everyone.

I learned from a friend living in Ireland about a pro-life march/rally just hours before it was due to start. The Vigil for Life held on January 19 drew some 30,000 people -- all demanding the country's leader and the ruling party to keep abortion out of this very life-loving nation.

Here are a couple of videos I've watched several times already!

The Irish people rock!!

Among the organizers of the huge event were Youth Defence, Life Institute, Pro-Life Campaign, and Precious Life.

* See more photos and additional coverage on the Vigil for Life Facebook page 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks lots for featuring this, Diane... By the way, re: the clover - it's the 3-leaf one, actually. St. Patrick singlehandedly, and by God's special grace conferred upon him, brought the nation of pagans and druids to the faith in the 400s A.D. When he catechized on foot, he used the 3-leaf clover to explain the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. - Gladys :>

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