Sunday, January 27, 2013

Like the beat of my art

Now where did I read that quotation which goes something like 'art makes life more bearable..."? It made me think of the posts I placed on this blog that delved on art, and here are some of photos I unearthed. Quirky art!

An interesting flower vase, but I think it can stand on its own and light up a corner even without the pretty blooms. See more of Curlin Reed Sullivan's art here.

This looks yummy but then it's not ice cream. In fact, it's not edible at all -- it's soap! You can see more yummy inedibles at Soapylove!

Fawna on your fingers... in sterling. Figs & Ginger is a husband-and-wife team and more of the couple's work is available at their Etsy shop.

Let me share some new finds I made, which I hope you'll enjoy:

Paper typewriter by Jennifer Collier

I saw some really charming pieces when I walked into a store called Heima at Cubao Expo a couple of months ago, and this telephone lamp was one of them.

Magnificent castles (though this one looks more like a cathedral to me) demonstrating the beauty of paper craft, by Wataru Itou.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Cartoon animation is one of my favorite forms of art, so I decided to add this one, which I find quite engaging:

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