Sunday, April 10, 2011

The volt-in for Life

March 25 was first established as the "Day for the Right to be Born" in El Salvador in 1993. Since then several other nations (many of them in Central and South America, but also including European countries and the Philippines) have been commemorating the date with their own festivities to mark what is now known as the "International Day of the Unborn."

It is fitting that the day of the solemnity of the Annunciation was chosen to mark a day dedicated to the rights of unborn people. And what a remarkable day it was in Manila this year, for the people were called to what was dubbed the grandmother of all rallies against the RH bill -- "Filipinos Unite for Life," a prayer rally in which not only the Catholic faithful took part but people professing other faiths as well. It was a huge gathering and, for me, an exhilarating one.

I took photos but I'm posting as well photos taken by Tito Robert, Haggai de Cena, Elmer Baguioro, and Corinne Medrana. [Click photos to see larger versions]

View from the stage of the Quirino Grandstand after the program had started. It was a hot afternoon but it didn't matter!

Petrufied and I parked inside Intramuros then proceeded on foot to the grandstand. Among the many who were walking with us were two nuns. They reminded me of "the living saint," of course.

Taken at past 4:00 pm. Still quite a lot of space on the grounds at this time, but at around 6:00, 6:30, the crowds swelled to over the "tens of thousands" that most mainstream media outfits reported.

The man's sign says "Stand up for human life, this is for our own achievement of peace" in Tagalog.

Each has a place under the sun. "How can there be too many children? That's just like saying there are too many flowers. - Mother Teresa" reads one sign. Another goes "The contraceptive lifestyle destroys the family."

She had a ready smile for me!

Blowing in the wind -- CFC Kids for Christ flag

More signs of the times. Left: Pregnancy is not a disease... Pills & condom are certainly not the cure! Right: Poverty is treatable...but not by pills & condom.

Real pro-life fellas are happy, can you tell?

A quick snapshot of some "groupies" :-)

Former TV host Christine Jacob-Sandejas, one of the speakers at the event, had her whole brood with her.

Representatives of different religions declaring their support for life and family and their opposition to the RH bill.

Petrufied and I originally did not plan to stay for the Mass, but praying with the people and celebrating the Eucharist at this most crucial time became top priority.

Read about the event here

Another account can be read at Filipinos for Life

The homily given by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales is here


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wow! This is good. You flooded your blog post with photos. ^_^

Ah...I remember March 25. Many Filipinos stood up for life and answered the call of the Church. It shows a clear message that the Filipino people do not want this RH Bill.

I do hope that our legislators are enlightened before May comes.

sunnyday said...

As I heard somewhere recently, we just need to do our best and God will take care of the rest :-) Prayer and practical measures combined! You know what I just thought of now? The next time we go to Batasan, let's bring out smiley stickers. What an uplifting sight it will be for our pro-life legislators once they see all of us holding them up at the galleries ^_^ Kahit 10 seconds lang ok na, hehe.

March 25 was so tiring, but such a boost to the pro-life movement and to everyone who loves the Church, family, human life! And I personally was so happy to meet all of you ^_^

If you want to see more photos, they're in one of my FB albums.

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

I am happy to meet you too Sunnyday. ^_^

Manny said...

It really gives me hope when I see so many people standing up for life. Throughout this fight I often find peopke who I didn't expect to be pro-life take the risk and speak out or offer an encouraging word. I pray the Lord will touch more lives and give them the courage to be counted.

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