Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nothing tender about legal tender

"How did the word 'monies' come about? Where did it start?" I asked a friend a few months ago.

"I don't know," she replied.

"Ask your friends. C'mon, try to trace where the word came from," I persisted, amused and amazed that new words keep cropping up and finding their way into mainstream usage. "Wonky" didn't use to be in anyone's vocabulary, and how come "interwebs" had to be coined when "Web" was just fine with its monosyllabic convenience? But "monies" I didn't mind. I liked the word "monies" and got a kick out of being able to use it, every time. I must admit that I use it in such a way that the word is the last one in the statement because as far as the subject-verb agreement is concerned, "...monies is..." and "...monies are..." both sound awkward to me.

Syntax notwithstanding, the concept of money being the root of all evil has occurred to me several times lately. I don't fully agree with it; I think "Love for money is the root of all evil" is closer to the truth, though I don't completely agree with it either. What I agree with completely is that taxation makes a lot of people miserable. Another thing I am convinced about: taking pains to know where your money goes is part of being a responsible person. Go by a budget, count your change, research on organizations which you choose to help financially. And practice vigilance when it comes to expenditures using taxpayers' money.

Check it out -- the first is an animated interpretation of the Beatles' "Taxman," followed by a simple accounting -- to the tune of the Imperial March, a relaxingly laid-back ukulele version -- of what Filipino taxpayers' money will fund should the RH bill be passed.


Anonymous said...

in some cases, lack of money causes evil

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

"Money is the root of evil"


"Love of money is the root of evil"

but the root of all these is greed. When we desire money so much that it becomes the center of lives then it will lead to evil because we will do things to increase our money either by being not charitable or by stealing money or other valuables that is not ours.

petrufied said...

finally saw the vid. thanks for sharing it here :D i like this version of the imperial march, btw. cute!

sunnyday said...

I agree, Anonymous. A minimum level of material comfort is necessary for persons to be able to live well. At the same time, let's not forget how vital it is for them to be provided opportunities to earn their keep, to live in dignified conditions, to be instructed in life principles that enable them to make sound choices -- and that includes being good stewards of whatever are entrusted to them. Having too little and too much -- what a challenge! The key is to know how to use whatever one has for the good -- do you agree?

Ish, reading "greed" in your comment reminded me of "my precious" and the attachment with which Gollum regarded the Ring. When we let greed take over, what will stop us from going past the line just to acquire more and more? Yikes.

Petrufied, glad you FINALLY saw it. Did you like the Taxman animation, too? :-D

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