Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The truth will ALWAYS come out

RH Bill pusher Cabral admits contraceptive pills pose higher risk of cancer!

That is the essence of the DZIQ report on ex-DOH Sec. Esperanza Cabral's interview regarding the safety of oral contraceptives. Either the writer needs to review his notes on evaluating the main and crucial points of a story and reflecting these on the head, or he needs reminding that no amount of propaganda will hide the truth forever.

The said bill's proponents insist that contraceptives are medically safe, huh?

They are demanding that oral contraceptives be classified as "essential medicines," huh?

And, they are mandating the use of taxpayers' money to fund the purchase, promotion, distribution and provision of these "medically safe essential medicines" nationwide, huh? To help the poor, huh?

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

DZIQ: Oral contraceptives have ‘more health benefits’—ex-DoH chief

Posted date: April 27, 2011

MANILA, Philippines – Oral contraceptives have more health benefits than bad side effects, said former Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral in an interview with Radyo Inquirer Wednesday.

When asked whether it was true that oral contraceptives posed a higher risk of breast cancer, Cabral answered in the affirmative but quickly added that “all medical products have good and side (bad) effects.”

“Oral contraceptives have bad side effects but there are more good effects,” Cabral said.

She said that taking oral contraceptives may lower the incidence of certain cancers such as endometrial cancer by 50% and ovarian cancer by 40%.

She also said that using oral contraceptives may prevent some breast diseases, pelvic inflammatory diseases, ectopic pregnancies, could help regulate blood flow during menstruation, which could prevent anemia, provide protection against arthritis and osteoporosis.

Cabral is a known supporter of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill, which promotes the use of artificial methods of family planning.

The RH bill has come under fire from the Catholic Church, which has branded this piece of legislation “immoral.”

For the full report, listen to DZIQ 990AM

Danica Hermogenes,


WillyJ said...

WHAT ?!? NAKAKAMATAY ?!? OH NOOOOO....Bakit hindi niya sinabi agad?

Excuse me, Dr Espie Cabral. Ang tagal-tagal mo na sa DOH at pagtapos ay nag-aadvocate ka pa ng masugid for RH bill, eh bakit ngayon mo lang sasabihin yan tapos
BUHAY PALA ANG NASA PELIGRO! Kailangan full disclosure! Hala ilabas mo pa lahat ng iyong itinatago. Sabihin mo lahat ng totoo kung ano ang ibig sabihin
ng ABORTIFACIENTS! At huwag mo nang patagalin, mga buhay ang nakataya. Remember, buhay din ng kaluluwa mo Madam ex-Secretary. Remember an sinabi kay SAUL sa Damascus: WHY ARE YOU PERSECUTING ME?

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Ooops...slip of the tounge. :-P

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