Monday, January 17, 2011

Of feline 'guests' and other creatures

Well, hello there, blog! It's been quite a while....

These days I'm thinking more about animals that roam the earth--more specifically, undesired animals that frequent our home. Kittens are cute, but when their grownup counterparts drop by our house and come and go as they please--acting as if it's the designated hang-out venue for feline creatures--it is irksome to me. Check out the laid-back animal here:

This and several other cats have been spending a lot of time on our premises the past couple of months--snoozing on the cemented ground, under the car (ON the car, too, no doubt, based on the trail of paw prints from hood to windshield to roof!), near the dirty kitchen. And the nonchalance with which this particular cat gazed at me as my steps awakened it while it napped on a stack of dusters, simply bothered me. Oh, hi there, it seemed to say quietly as my presence obviously did not make a difference on the creature's plans. Don't feed them! advised friends and family. We don't, I told them, but they still come back and hang out.

Well, that happens when you don't have a dog. But at least there's not a mouse or rat in sight, owing to the tambay cats. We have ants, though, which I'm dealing with thanks to a recommended deadly weapon, the Terro Ant Killer. I've yet to get a picture of the trail of tiny crawlers feasting on the fatal liquid...

We do have winged creatures that we see every morning inside the house, and they are most welcome.

They aren't real, though, but the picture is a peaceful and relaxing one. Not a bad scene to greet one while having breakfast. We get our fill of the chirping of birds (real ones) every morning; fortunately, there are still many of them flying about in the neighborhood, and they choose to rest once in a while on the steel bars outside our living room windows. A welcome sight indeed, and the kind of tweeting that I like!


petrufied said...

i like the birds! if i have my own room i would consider adding some pretty accents! was it hard to stick on the wall? it's so big kasi haha

hihi kapal-mukha cat ;-)

sunnyday said...

Hey, I'm sorry, I forgot to reply to your comment sooner but I did see it already the day you posted it.

That cat and its cohorts seem to have made another venue their place of rest and recreation. I don't see them so much anymore! :-) The ants, too, have disappeared (I kind of miss them -- weird). The birds, though, have remained, of course, hehe! The bigger stickers were a bit harder to stick because small portions of them would stick to the wall before I had positioned them correctly. But it's okay because these are made in a way that makes removing them quite easy. They're not like transparent tape and they don't leave marks on the wall when you remove them.

There are many other designs but this one is really charming and relaxing. We have another wall that I'd like to embellish, this time with a branches-and-leaves design :-)

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