Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh, night divine

A blessed and joyful Christmas to all

Source: That artist woman

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that religious imagery and ideas are still alive and well, at least here in the Philippines. In other secularist countries, employers sometimes prohibit their employees from greeting their customers with "merry Christmas!", and must instead use some politically correct greeting devoid of religious content. Government workers also suffer similar restrictions. That, of course, is a form of suppression of religion.

I would encourage everyone to resist such forms of political correctness. If you are Catholic, be proud of it and do not apologize for your faith. Don't allow your Catholic heritage to be trampled upon or swept under the rug.

As a practical matter, I would also encourage everyone to make use of greeting cards with religious content, not only on Christmas, but for all occasions where this is applicable, including weddings, St. Valentine's day, birthdays, and even Independence day. If you purchase these cards from a credible pro-life or orthodox religious charity, you will also be helping others do charitable work.

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