Friday, April 23, 2010

Wishing for rain

When temperatures reach 37 degrees celsius during the day, and electric bills skyrocket, airconditioning starts feeling like a privilege of aristocrats who have half a dozen rest homes and take bimonthly vacations in seaside towns and mountain resorts.

However, thanks to the sweltering heat that we are currently experiencing during the height of summer, I have discovered the wonder that is a glass of iced water (the appreciation a wonder in itself, considering I have been viewing old Coca-Cola commercials on YouTube quite often the past couple of weeks), and the delight of a quick bath using iced water in a pail!!! Let me emphasize that the amount of ice (in the pail, not the glass) will certainly spell the difference between healthy refreshment and falling ill.

Hence, I am wishing for rain, for when there was a drizzle one afternoon recently, it was as if even the grass took a breather from the scorching heat. No one likes either being inside a sauna or feeling like there is a giant hair dryer nearby. Which is why even merely watching someone having a ball amid raindrops gave me much relief. Here is Gene Kelly in that wonderful scene from the 1952 comedy musical "Singin' in the Rain" (which, I learned, the actor also co-directed and for which he provided the choreography). Enjoy!

1 comment:

petrufied said...

i have a bad cough today and i look at people dancing in the rain with envy. XD

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