Monday, April 26, 2010

The meaning of education

It would really be unfair to assume that some individuals, organizations or sectors aim to corrupt the minds of children. Not even the notion that they value monetary gain over educating minors to grow up decent human beings ought to be assumed. This way, the issues can be evaluated more objectively and with more detachment.

Consider the following:

"Sex is for enjoyment as much as we can or want," Spanish adolescents are being told by their socialist government. "Do and let others do whatever they wish."
Those words appeared in a pamphlet distributed to high school students in the region of Catalonia, according to Spanish news site Forum Libertas (Liberty Forum).
"Enjoying sex is a natural and recommendable thing," the pamphlet also states. "Learn the best ways to enjoy it with security and tranquility."
The pamphlet also endorses homosexual relationships, Forum Libertas reports. No mention is made of abstinence, nor the consequences of sexual intercourse.
The program, known as "Education for Citizenship and Human Rights" (EpC) is being imposed on all schools in Spain, public and private. Families who refuse to allow their children to attend have been threatened with prosecution. Although schools have some latitude in how they implement the program, Spanish government officials at all levels are clearly seeking to normalize promiscuity and unnatural sexual behavior.

Read the full article in LifeSiteNews

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The complainants object to schools teaching students to accept homosexuality as normal and singled out a third-grade textbook used in Córdoba, Andalusia, which states that "nature has given us sex so we can use it with another girl, with a boy or with an animal".
Read the full article in Euractiv

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In late October, the regional government of Extremadura in southwestern Spain launched a new sexual-education campaign designed to facilitate the "development of healthy habits, self-esteem and safety." Although the publicly funded campaign includes the publication of pamphlets and an online magazine, the highlight is a series of workshops for 14-to-17-year-olds aimed at educating participants on anatomy, body image, safe-sex practices, gender equality and, in the mildly celebratory words of an early press release (since redacted), "sexual self-exploration and erotic self-knowledge." Or, in other words, masturbation.
It was this last element that attracted attention across the country. "Masturbation Workshops for Adolescents," ran the headline in Que!, a free daily in Madrid. "Extremadura Promotes Masturbation," cried the centrist national paper El Mundo.
Admittedly, [Extramadura Youth Council president Laura] Garrido and the other organizers bear more than a little responsibility for the response. They're the ones, after all, who chose the instructors to lead the workshops: two women who, in addition to running sex-education workshops, co-own a shop in Madrid called Lola's Pleasures, which specializes in erotic devices. The instructors, who have given adult sex-education classes sponsored by municipal governments in other regions of the country, didn't help matters by bringing a selection of sex toys to the first teen workshop in late October in order "to dispel myths," Garrido says.
In the Netherlands, for instance, teachers at public schools lead discussions in which they ask girls ages 12 to 15 what they would do if their boyfriends refused to wear a condom. In Finland, basic sex education begins in kindergarten, and the curriculum for ninth-graders includes lessons on abortion and masturbation. In Germany, where sex education is mandatory, public school teachers have been known to discuss oral sex and different sexual positions.


Manny said...

These libertine "sex educators" don't seem to understand the term "age=appropriate". But that isn't surprising. Apparently teaching kids toi have as much sex as they want as early as possible is part of their agenda. How they can ignore the scientific evidence that shows such thinking is extremely harmful is beyond me.

WillyJ said...

In all those stories, it appears that the grown-ups who foist this craziness on the children are the real ones in dire need of meaningful sex education.

petrufied said...

and this is what they really mean by sex education. someday we'll be numb to what they're proposing to teach in schools here and then these "lessons" will seem to "not be so bad." i'm scared that someday people (even our countrymen) won't be shocked about things like this anymore.

petrufied said...

oh sorry i forgot that grammar thing you taught me.

i mean, "not to be so bad." :P

sunnyday said...

Petrufied, that is a scary thought. It's somewhat like getting accustomed to those billboards showing men and women with barely-there garments, 'no? Eventually, if we let our guard down or don't take care to guard our eyes (and our heart), it all will seem not to be so bad. Grammar lesson reiterated for emphasis, hehe.

Willy, that's funny :-D But it seems true, now that I think about it. If these older people didn't have the benefit of being instructed with the proper kind of sex education and of not being shown by example what true education in human sexuality is within the family, wouldn't affording the present and future generations the chance be the better option? Why deprive them of real learning in love and life?

I wonder if they sincerely think they are doing the right thing.

sunnyday said...

Manny, I think some "scientific studies" have been cropping up recently, to show that the youth in recent years are becoming sexually active earlier. Some sectors can then use these to justify the push for RH services :-(

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