Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Updates on the milk contamination issue

Here are news updates, all dated Sept. 24, on the tainted milk issue, which now involves over 50,000 babies and children taken ill:

Melamine found in sweets on sale in NZ
5:47PM Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

Unacceptably high levels of melamine have been found in a Chinese milk sweet on sale in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority has issued a warning about the White Rabbit sweets, which the New Zealand Herald discovered on sale in Chinese supermarkets.

Testing found the presence of 180 ppm of melamine, the substance which has been implicated in the tainted baby milk powder scandal in China.

Full story at The New Zealand Herald

As China milk scandal grows, leadership escapes blame

Graphic fact file on melamine, the chemical blamed for the China milk crisis that has sickened nearly 53,000 children.

As China's tainted milk scandal rumbled on Wednesday, there are few signs people are willing to blame their nation's top leadership despite evidence the health risks were covered up for months.

Whether because of traditional deference for Beijing or clever state media management, public anger is directed more at second- and third-tier officials at the local level.

Full story at MSN News

Philippines bans milk products from China
Other dairy products included
By Edson C. Tandoc Jr.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:02:00 09/24/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Liquid and powdered milk, candy, biscuits, chocolate bars and drinks, and yogurt with dairy components from China are now banned in the country.

Full story at Philippine Daily Inquirer

RP bans China milk products

By Paolo Romero
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

President Arroyo has ordered a ban on the importation and sale of milk products from China pending results of an investigation into possible chemical contamination that has left thousands of Chinese infants and young children ill.

Full story at The Philippine Star

12 nations ban Chinese dairy

HONG KONG - AT LEAST 12 countries - from Indonesia to Colombia - have banned Chinese dairy products amid fears over a widening tainted milk scandal that has killed four Chinese babies and sickened thousands of others.

Worries that compromised ingredients may have contaminated other foods like yogurts, cookies and candies have led several more countries, from Canada to Australia, to step up testing of Chinese imports.

Full story at The Straits Times


petrufied said...

This is so frustrating! Now, every time I buy some packed goodies i have to read where it comes from and if it has milk in it. I can't believe they decided to hide it instead of recall the goods while no one was hurt yet. :(

sunnyday said...

Well, for me naman, it has become a bit easier to make purchasing choices at the supermarket. If it's made in China, it's not going into the cart. None of that "baka naman okey lang kung..." route.

I'm trying to convince my mom to switch to soy milk instead (syempre not imported from China), at least in the meantime. You know what?? I just realized Cowhead (which we buy from time to time and which we now have in our fridge) is a product of New Zealand. The tainted White Rabbit candies are in NZ. And Fonterra is a NZ company :-(

MotherPie said...

That is all just so awful. I think this is why we do need to be so careful about all that we eat.

This story just keeps growing.

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