Monday, February 25, 2008

Something old, something new...

How's this for a retro issue?

Several years ago, my brother started saving old photos on digital format. Some of them were even on slides (you know, the one you view using a slide projector), like the ones of my grandfather during his early 20th century sojourns and of his academic pursuits. The photo above was taken on our parents' wedding day in May 1953 -- an early matrimonial ceremony at Pinaglabanan Church, San Juan followed by a breakfast reception at the Aristocrat Restaurant which, according to them, cost P1.50/plate! And no professional wedding coordinators were involved in the preparations!

[Addendum: Not P1.50/plate, my mom pointed out a few nights ago when I asked her again about it. It was P3.50/plate] =)

I think the cover below fits them to a T, whether or not it's Valentine's month :-)


petrufied said...

Nice! I say you look like your dad. My sis says you look like your mom. LOL. :)

here's the link to my new blog, it's not much yet...i'll bulk it up pa.

sunnyday said...

Funny--you and your sister aren't the first ones to have conflicting opinions about who I look like. And my parents don't even look like each other!

Dropped by your blog. Keep writing!!

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