Saturday, February 02, 2008

more Baby talk!

I'm blogging again.

Frankly, it feels strange and I actually do not know which to write first! SO many considerations have come and gone -- hitting me while driving, writing (articles for the magazine, that is), driving, minutes before falling asleep at night, driving, riding the MRT... and I failed to jot down any of them in my little notebook. So they will just have to stay in the confines of my memory; let's hope they make it out someday...

Let me share with you one of my recent discoveries: there is a whole network of mommies out there who spend a huge amount of time "promoting" their babies. This is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, I find it to be quite...endearing? After some blog-jumping and forum-hopping the past couple of months, I realized that mothers naturally look to each other for company, inspiration, comfort, fact-sharing and just good old chitchat. They discuss everything from diaper rash, feeding bottles and NFP to party clowns, preschools and the best talent agencies to bring their kids to. Then of course, there are the threads wherein moms break the news when their little ones make it to the cover of Baby magazine! Then of course being on the pages of any of the baby galleries of whatever parenting magazine is worth the breaking news as well.

So let me start off my back-to-blogging day with a little something about our current issue, which will be in stores by tomorrow (though some copies may be on display already by end of today). It's the traditional Month of Love so we made sure we included several articles pertaining to love of all kinds: the special daddy-daughter bond, loving a special-needs child, then there's a humorous take on myths about married life, and a feature on Tibbs and Vangie Evalle--26 years married and they haven't lost the humor that keeps things light. The photo shoot was a lot of fun--and difficult as Ditas, our managing editor who took the photos as well, couldn't help but laugh along with the couple as they gamely posed (and "struck candid poses") for us. Some shots were actually blurred from the shaking (we didn't bring a tripod)...

Cover girl Jayszelle Pangan was 5 months when photographer Harvey Tapan snapped her, looking all warm and toasty during a winter's day (!) -- in the tropics?? Hehe.

February fills the air with that lovin’ feeling!

Celebrate this month of love with Baby Magazine, which spreads the love through
articles about preserving marriage, common myths about married life, taking care of a special-needs
child, the unique dad-daughter relationship, and basically surrounding your little ones with lots
of love!

Other topics covered in the February issue include teaching your child morning routines (and helping himself from bed to breakfast), the basics about ectopic pregnancy, caring for a Down syndrome infant, helping a child overcome his shyness, and practical tips on on how not to lose one's child in a mall.

Baby is published by Marathon Publishing Co. and is available nationwide at National Bookstore, SM Department Store baby section, Baby & Co. (The Podium and Power Plant mall), Babyland, Power Books, Bufini and selected mag:net plus outlets. For subscription and other inquiries, call 728-3655/56.


Social Skills said...

After visiting, I have learnt so much more about overcoming shyness, and exercises to improve my social skills. It has definitely made a difference to my social life; you should check it out too!

LADY LUXIE said...

Ooooooh' cutesy cutesy baby!!!..You know what I miss about babies?..It's the adoring hugs and kisses and embraces they dig on you for no reason at all..Hmmm'...The last sweet glorious "smack" I got from my 18 year old was when I dropped him off at the gate of his "barkada" for a night of partying...

Will check out the issue..Thanks a doodle' for dropping by my bloggy' homey :>

sunnyday said...

tee-hee!! well, that's more than what some 18-year-olds would give their mom after being dropped off at a party =)

do check out the feb issue =)

thanks too for dropping by again!

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