Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mom and son on Virginia Tech

The terrible incident happened less than 48 hours ago yet it has been reported and analyzed repeatedly, related elements speculated on again and again. Here's a fresh take on what happened at Virginia Tech from the perspective of teens, courtesy of Feminine Genius, who tips her hat to Anchoress.

Like a good mum (even perched on her "convalescent couch") she bumped bubbles with the man-child to ask a few more questions:

I talked to Buster about it later that evening. I asked him what he thought of it all - the shootings, the instinct to move from that story to a sitcom rerun. He said, “Mom, I’ve run the Columbine scenario a million times in my head. I’ve thought about what I would do, depending on where in the building such an attack were to take place. I’ve sat in class thinking about how the windows open, what structures would make the best barricades and how to go about taking the bastard down rather than simply cowering in fear while people are shot to death. I’ve thought of it. We’ve all thought of it, my friends and I, we’ve devoted hours to thinking about it. If you think we’re being cold or cavalier, I think we’re simply aware of the fact that this is what the world is, that no one can ever guarantee our safety - not schools, not governments - nothing is going to absolutely and 100% protect us from what is out there, what can spill into our lives in an instant, and change everything. All we can hope is that when stuff like this comes our way, we can do the courageous thing.”

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