Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And down will come baby...

Thought I'd post this here in case anyone who reads my blog has been using these products (or knows anyone who does so). Two types of baby carriers were recalled in March as these were declared unsafe, with reported cases of accidents. Do read the reports for specifics.


John said...


The prospect that a defective baby carrier could result in injury to a child is enough to make me sit up and take notice, as my wife uses one much like the one pictured in the accompanying picture.

Thankfully, the one we have isn't this brand. Instead, it's manufactured by Kangaroo Korner, a company based in my home state of Minnesota.

On that note, I highly recommend - and, even more importantly, my wife highly recommends - Kangaroo Korner's slings. They're high-quality, comfortable, affordable, and they ship fast. And, on top of that, all of their products are manufactured locally, which makes the distributist in me smile.

sunnyday said...

This is so interesting, John. Thanks for providing the link! We're actually coming out with a story about choosing baby carriers. The sling is not that common in the Philippines, but I think up north more moms wear them, primarily since it's not too hot there. And I assume it's a convenient way to carry their babies with them when they (the moms) work in the fields or do some other chores outdoors.

Too bad Kangaroo Korner doesn't have a store here. I gave the link to our writer to check out.

Thanks again!

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