Saturday, April 28, 2007

In black and white

So many thoughts came and went the past couple of weeks even before I could blog about them. Instead of trying to recall what they are, I'll share some photos I found this morning as I opened an old CD lying around near the bookcase not far from this computer I use.

My late grandfather was many things but he was primarily a scientist. Photography was one of his interests, thereby letting him document a lot of his travels and important events during his 76 years (he died in 1972). A cousin of mine -- also a photography enthusiast -- gathered the prints and slides that we found hidden in old cabinets and boxes, painstakingly scanned them, restored many of them and stored them in CDs.

I haven't bothered counting them but there may be over a thousand of these pictures. And looking at them has made me feel quite nostalgic (even though I have no idea who some of the people in the photos are).

The one above shows (left to right) my uncle, dad and auntie sometime in the 1930s. They grew up in the country so I think this shot may have been taken in their yard or somewhere near their house. This other photo is of my grandmother holding either my dad or one of his siblings. Probably mid 1920s or early 1930s.

And check out partying in the 1920s! Written on the photo:

"Annual Ball, UPSILON SIGMA PHI, Feb. 21, 1926, Manila Hotel"

What a refreshing change from the kind of attire one sees nowadays, even in formal functions. And there's no mistaking men for women and vice versa!

Oh, the women here are garbed in what's called the "kimona," the Spanish-inspired national costume. It can be worn with some variations but this is basically how it looks.


Nicole said...

Wow! reminds me of the photos we found in my lolo's room. I like looking at old photos; they say so much. in fact i have quite a few in my wallet. ;)

sunnyday said...

Thanks for showing me the old pictures! There's something in those photos that are just missing in today's images, no matter how sharp, enhanced and artistically brilliant the new ones are.

MotherPie said...

I love your old photos! I have all the old family photos (they are packed away in storage) but think of all that can be digitized. I just haven't taken any time at all to scan old photos.

I wonder if future generations will have much left to see -- film and prints were tangible..

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Lolo Poldo was an Upsilonian! WOW!! Scan in more of those pictures and I might be able to identify some of them. I can also ask my dad to look at them. - Kay Uranza

ivanhenares said...

I was excited to see the photo of the Upsilon Ball. It's the earliest photo of an Upsilon Ball that we've seen to date. By the way, what was the full name of your grandfather? Would you have other Upsilon photos in your grandfather's collection? Hope we could request for copies. My e-mail is Thanks!

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