Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Silver bullets for the bullet-planting

Now that I'm looking at that title up there with (almost) undivided attention, I'm certain it's more the result of too much viewing of zombie-ghost-vampire-murderer fare than a manifestation of what I actually think of the people responsible for the bullet-planting happening in Manila's main international gateway (and for the lack of action being taken to deal with the situation).

This post isn't to provide updates on the situation, but to share a couple of articles that may prove useful to anyone passing through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport while the situation is still basically the same. It pays to be informed and prepared. Go ahead and read, and feel free to share with others who may need this information:

An American shares his 4 effective tips for curbing Laglag Bala modus in NAIA  is a quick read and was supposedly written by a retired police officer.

Evidence-planting rife at NAIA -- How to defend yourself from Laglag Bala scam contains practical tips as well while providing legal information about your rights, relevant portions of the law, etc. Infographics and some videos also equip you with pertinent information. This one was written by a lawyer.

And here's something posted by a Persida Acosta on Facebook on Nov. 2, 2015 which may just come in handy (you'll never know!):

Attention OFWS/ Travellers: Re: Laglag Bala in Airport
Please call PAO hotline 929-94-36 or 029299436 in case you are being charged of alleged "laglag bala". Any incriminatory act of planting evidence can be criminally charged of "incriminatory machinations" under Article 363 of the Revised Penal Code (arresto mayor) and Section 38 of the Comprehensive Firearms Act R.A. No. 10591 Re- planting of ammunitions punishable of the penalty of reclusion perpetua(30yrs).

If you'd like an article to give you the lowdown on the issue, I believe this one dated Nov. 2, 2015 is exhaustive enough.

Bon voyage!

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