Friday, November 20, 2015

Federer, the weather, Anonymous hackers.... plus others

Some news can make our day, while others tend to make us stop and lament over what the world seems to be coming to. Then we can hear of some things that are just the things we need to give us a laugh for a few minutes before plunging into the next task of the day. Whatever the case, it pays to inform ourselves -- and do what we can to be part of the solution, from where we are, with what we have.

Here's a glimpse of some things that have happened during the past several weeks in different parts of the planet --

Federer hands Djokovic first loss at ATP World Tour Finals since 2011

Faith on the football field -- Fargo high school stands up for religious freedom

 ISIS claims responsibility, calls Paris attacks 'First of the Storm'

Victims bare NAIA extortion in 'tanim-bala' probe

Lego is now making extra-padded Lego-proof slippers because they feel your pain

October breaks global heat record

Abortion facility shuts down on Halloween, becomes a pro-life clinic

 9/11 hero's widow returns 'Woman of the Year' award over Bruce Jenner 'insult'

Anonymous hackers could be Islamic State's online nemesis

* Photo of Roger Federer from Tennis

* Photo of Guy Fawkes mask associated with Anonymous from  Mail & Guardian

* * * * *

If you fancy a look at another post of various headlines from a month ago, they're here

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