Saturday, July 25, 2015

The circle of life beyond Mufasa's words to Simba

There's a place for everyone under the sun -- that much I have accepted. Each of us has a role to play, each of us has the freedom to realize our potential, to pursue our dreams, to make the world better. One day, however, I was wondering what could possibly be the role of ants in the grand scheme of things. Why in the world did God create ants? They are indeed amazing creatures as anyone who observes their behavior can arrive at. Systematic, hardworking, can even lift and carry around things that are bigger than them -- who wouldn't find them fascinating? It's no wonder these tiny creatures are the stuff of inspirational anecdotes. I'll admit, though, that at the time the "why-on-earth-did-God-make-ants?" question, admiration was not what I was feeling for the tiny ones. They were annoying, always quick to appear only moments after bread crumbs dropped on the dining table or a drop of gravy spilled near the kitchen sink. There they were, arriving in single file and circling the potential loot, then minutes later it was like an entire battalion had gotten wind of the news and was ready for battle or whatever it was they were programmed by nature to carry out.

Some friends have wondered out loud, too, what could possibly be the reason for cockroaches' existence. Well, to this I have no answer and I don't exactly spend time thinking about it. But after watching the short video below, I have no doubt that God -- in his infinite wisdom and goodness -- created these seemingly useless creatures with a clear purpose in mind. They, too, have a place under the sun, and I will probably understand the big picture only when all is revealed at the end of time. Meanwhile, the following shall suffice in putting in the proper perspective the workings of the natural world:

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