Sunday, July 12, 2015

A hodgepodge of headlines around the globe

July has been most interesting so far in quite a few parts of the world. While a lot of people continue to do good, there are some places whose residents are experiencing one kind of ordeal or another due to circumstances beyond their control. Some yield to the suffering; others fight back. There are those who take it all in stride while working towards something better.

The bad news can bog us down if we're not vigilant about the amount and kind of materials we read everyday. And that's why I start and end the list of headlines below with stories which demonstrate that the world we live in is a good place as long as we continue to do good.

So, we take a look at what's been happening in other parts of the world, and we do what we can to make the world better -- from where we are, with what we have.

Nine-year-old Filipino Daniel Cabrera

Filipino boy receives scholarship after photograph of him studying on the street goes viral

Christian farmers fined $13,000 for refusing to host same-sex wedding are fighting back

74 children executed by ISIS for 'crimes' that include refusal to fast, reports says

Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto

Kenyan leaders to Obama: Don't lecture us on gay 'marriage'

Oregon bakers on $135k fine: 'Christians get ready for civil disobedience'

Pope Francis' Mass in Ecuador focuses on family, draws multitudes

Atlanta Fire Chief fired for 'anti-gay' views 'absolutely' wants his job back

Kansas police officer buys diapers, shoes for mom who shoplifted them for kids

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