Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good intentions

It seems the past month has had the Pope getting more coverage on media, thanks to news outfits such as Vatican News Service, Catholic News Agency and other such media organizations that make it their business to transmit to the world not just news about Pope Francis but, more importantly, his message. I'm not even sure if my settings on Facebook have put me on these news sites' accounts' list, but daily I come across news and features about the Pope and his homilies. Christ's Vicar on Earth is all over Facebook! That's post-millennial evangelization!

Now, since I'm taking a long break from Facebook, I've been scouting around looking for websites I should subscribe to so that I keep receiving these invaluable materials that will continue to nourish my life of faith. In the process I came across the Pope's prayer intention for the month of June. How wonderful it is to be one with him and the Christian world in prayer. Here it is:

The Pope's general prayer intention for June is: “That a culture of dialogue, listening, and mutual respect may prevail among peoples.”

I got that from the Vatican News website, a place I'll be frequenting from now on.

Oh, and another most encouraging piece of news that came out recently is the worldwide simultaneous hour of Adoration, which happens on Sunday, June 2. It's a first in the history of the Catholic Church, and I'm looking forward to taking part in it! More details here

* Photo of Pope Francis from Catholic News Agency

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