Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beyond the mirror

My mother and I cast our votes for the mid-term elections days ago. She was done ahead of me, and when I walked over to where she was conversing with an amiable-looking elderly couple, she mentioned that the gentleman knew my dad. I'm always delighted when I meet old friends and colleagues of my parents, especially those who knew them from childhood and have funny stories to share.

"You look like your father," the gentleman quietly remarked, smiling.

Hearing this always gives me a kind of reassurance that I don't really understand. I'm already aware that I resemble my father. Still, hearing other people say it -- especially after he died -- strikes a special chord in me each time.

There was even a time in which someone -- who it was and what the circumstances were escape me now -- told me, "You really are your father's daughter." The sentiment was not one of disappointment but something definitely positive, and so how can one not be pleased by such an observation? Is affirmation the accurate word? It's somewhat like that expression about the nail that sealed the coffin shut, only the opposite sentiment. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, to anyone who feels the same way about being told she is so much like her mom or dad -- and her response is one of delight -- this would probably make perfect sense.

Pleasing though it is to be told of such a reassuring comparison, I can think of something that can send one soaring to new heights. Merely thinking about it already gives me the heebeejeebees (in a good way).

I hope in some way, though it seems an impossibility, I could experience being told, "You really are your Father's daughter," referring not to an earthly father but to the heavenly one. I wonder how that would feel!


ignored_genius said...

I'm interested to see a photo of your dad. meron ka ba sa Facebook? :)

and also, wish ko rin na may magsabi sa kin someday nung huling binanggit mo sa post na ito.

sunnyday said...

Good thing you were able to see the photo on FB before I deactivated my account :-)

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