Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are you afraid of the dark?

I was not aware that African-American women today experienced feelings of insecurity concerning their skin color.

I didn't know either that whatever shade of brown their complexion happened to be, mattered so much as to elicit a comment such as "You’ve gotten so dark. But don’t worry, you’re still pretty” not from a Filipino or some other race with an equally colonial outlook when it comes to physical attributes, but from a fellow African-American (or so I assume).

These were unknown to me till I came across this penned by Javacia Harris Bowser (I find her first name charming so I just had to mention it).

Her essay reminds me again of the somewhat disdainful attitude with which many Filipinos regard dark skin. Never mind that we live in the tropics where skin protection from the scorching sun is a necessity. Some women just need to have their milky white complexion whether it's bleaching soap or some whitening cream that will work the magic!

Well, ranting isn't the aim here -- just a reminder that while nobody will ever be satisfied in this life, skin color ought to be the least of one's concerns in a world where things like potable water, equitable distribution of food resources, and dignified living conditions still elude many of us.

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