Saturday, May 14, 2011

Truth on live TV

Just a quick post on a crucial issue. For those who are interested in the truth, read and watch.

Pro-lifers demolish pro-RH arguments in TV debate

MANILA, May 10, 2011—It was a dynamic discussion on sex education, population and poverty, health issues and the beginning of life as representatives of different sectors debated on Sunday night's "Harapan/ RH Bill: Ipasa o Ibasura" on ABS-CBN.

After the bill's primary author, Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, kicked off the debate with reasons why the measure ought to be approved, Paranaque Rep. Roilo Golez pointed out serious health factors that made the bill's reproductive health measures objectionable.

Besides stressing the link between contraceptive use and breast cancer according to the World Health Organization and the US-based National Cancer Institute, Golez expressed concern over the perceived protective power of prophylactics against sexually transmitted diseases.

As an example he cited Thailand, where the high contraceptive prevalence rate has not curbed the incidence of AIDS, now numbered at some 600,000 cases.

"Bakit ganon? Kung totoong tama ang RH eh bakit ubod ng laki ang kanilang HIV cases?" he asked.

Full article at CBCP News

You can watch the video of the May 8 debate here


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

GMA 7 is doing their own "debate" pero taped daw.

Whooo...nakakaduda ang mga ganyang style. Kaya kung ako sa GMA, make the debate live para walang post-editing na mangyayari.

sunnyday said...

Actually, a live debate would really be more exciting. Besides that, if the network were truly interested in presenting the truth to the viewing public, it would go for a live debate. Editing can distort what truly transpired during taping. Siyempre pipili ang mag-e-edit ng kung anong tatanggalin, ano ang isasama. That's not the complete truth anymore, and accuracy can be sacrificed. Kaya GMA7, gayahin niyo ang ABS-CBN -- gawing live debate. Otherwise, hindi masasabing objective ang pagsasagawa niyo ng debate...

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