Monday, May 23, 2011

The Swiss I miss

I had been wanting to blog about ordinary everyday stuff but couldn't seem to find enough time or a few leisurely minutes to do it.

Now that I have a few minutes for some leisurely blogging as I let dinner be digested, all I can think about is.... chocolates! And, since my mother right now is watching some tennis match featuring the world's former #1 but still decidedly the best player -- he does elevate the level of tennis somehow -- Roger Federer, combine chocolates and Federer and what have you got?

That one up there is a behind-the-scenes peek of a Lindt truffles TV commercial. And the one below is the "extended cut" of the finished product. I've never even tasted Lindt chocolate, and though I used to be more picky as far as chocolate is concerned, I've come to feel a special affinity to what local makers produce. There is just a special kind of satisfaction that comes with finishing a box of Curly Tops that I can never explain :-)

So, here is the 1-minuter featuring the Swiss Mister and the little brown delectable spheres:

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