Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sometimes the truth hurts

And who relishes the experience of being told things that one doesn't like hearing, even if it's the truth? Well, I suppose the appreciation of being told the truth -- when this is for one's own good -- comes much later (or a bit later, depending on the personality and level of maturity of the person concerned), because... well, pride can get in the way (or a lack of understanding about certain things).

But then I'm grateful there will always be people who share what they know and not keep the truth to themselves. Jason Evert, one such person who has become well-known for his engaging and inspiring talks about love, dating, sex, the male and female psyche, and related topics, gives his insights to a small group of guys and girls on the way women present themselves and the perception of men. In a way it urges women to have more confidence in themselves as women who have much more going for them than externals and who are worth getting to know deeply. An excerpt:

"A woman isn't longing to be gawked at, she wants love. If a girl says 'I want both,' to be loved and gawked at.. the bottom line is, choose one. You will get what you want, choose wisely, and make your decision. The problem is, the world has kind of decided towards 'I want to be gawked at.' Because they don't have the confidence that if they dress in a more modest way, guys will approach them. It shows -- from a guy's perspective -- it shows insecurity. It's like 'Why do you have to throw yourself at me? Don't you think there's something about you that I would come to learn about that would make me want to get to know you more? And so for a guy, it shows a lack of confidence. Girls think 'I'm confident, I'm proud of my body.' But it's like, are you proud of the rest of who you are?"

What's great is that Jason Evert is coming to Manila this month (with a day having him swing by Iloilo)! Real Love Revolution 2011: Romance without Regret consists of several activities that'll give everyone a chance to attend at least one of his talks! The lowdown on the Feb. 24-27 schedule:

Now who would settle for a semblance of love when real love is within reach?


petrufied said...

He's so good as a speaker, so inspiring! I like how simply he puts things--makes you go "Oo nga no." :D

sunnyday said...

Yeah. That's precisely why he makes a huge impact on his young audiences in the States whenever he gives talks. Even those who hear him for the first time and assume it's going to be one more BORING talk end up feeling the opposite afterwards.

John Jansen said...

That's great that he's coming to the Philippines! Jason Evert is one of the best chastity speakers I've heard.

I occasionally give chastity talks as part of my job, and a lot of what I say in my talks I've "borrowed" from him.

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